ErnieApp CEO e Founder

Isabella de Michelis di Slonghello is ErnieApp founder and CEO. The company has launched in 2019 an innovative consumer mobile internet service called ‘Privacy Knowledge Manager’ (‘PKM’), available on iOS, Google Play and Huawei Gallery. The company HQ are in Dublin (Ireland). Before launching her tech-venture, Isabella headed Qualcomm EMEIA Government Affairs and Global Technology Policy, worked for networking giant CISCO Systems opening their EU Brussels based operations and before that she worked as a senior exec for several large European companies in the space industry and telecoms. She is a graduate from Geneva University and IUHED; holds an Executive MBA (from UCL); She is a Board Member of CDP SGR Ventures – Fondo Innovazione Italia.

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Edizione 2021
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29-04-2021 alle 09:30 Sessione 4 - Dai cookie agli algoritmi: la nuova sfida della profilazione